How to write a capital b in script

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How to write a capital b in script


Drawing a cursive B can be tricky for people just learning the cursive alphabet. At first glance the upper case B and lower case b appear quite different but if you step back and look at regular bs they are actually quite similar. This is how to draw an upper case B, otherwise known as a capital B, in cursive.

You start by drawing a line southwest with a slight angle. Then you go to the top and make a 3 to connect the lines. Then swing back with a small arc. Some people connect the top and bottom of the slanted line while others start just below the top and finish just below the bottom.

Now, for the lower case b in cursive… To draw a lowercase b in cursive, otherwise known as a small b, you start by making a vertical loop much like a cursive l and you bring it back up and almost connect it to the loop near the middle dotted line.

how to write a capital b in script

Then you swing it back out to the right so it can be connected to the next letter in a word. Some people connect it to the loop and some people leave a small gap like the one in the image of the small cursive b above.

Like all the letters in the cursive alphabet, the more practice you do writing in cursive the better and smoother your letters will be, and good penmanship can make a great first impression.

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