Kcde tv case

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Kcde tv case

Clear Channel has swapped the formats on two of its central Iowa stations, moving an Alternative format to a signal reaching more people.

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The former "New Rock Kcde tv case, the former "Capital The swap comes after All of Ottumwa's radio stations will soon be owned by the same company: None of the stations are direct competitors formatically. O-Town will take over the stations through a time brokerage agreement while the parties await FCC approval.

The move would've kept Des Moines outside of KTIA-FM's city-grade 70 dbu contour but would have tripled the number of people in its protected 60 dbu contour. Saga Broadcasting objected to the application, which was followed by several more responses back and forth.

Thus, the application was considered a proposal to move from a rural area to an urbanized area and denied. The translator already has a construction permit to move to The Watt translator left the air Nov. It recently applied for a license to cover a move to a tower on the northeast side.

The FCC has granted a construction permit to move to a tower on the northeast side while remaining Watts.

The situation arose when Townsquare reached a deal to buy Cumulus Media's groups in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids, among others. On Friday, the FCC announced that Townsquare's divestiture trust will face a two-year deadline for spinning off the stations.

It's not yet clear if Townsquare can keep the stations simply by asking Nielsen Audio to remove their designations as Cedar Rapids-market stations, since all three are licensed to communities outside of the market.

The transfer could mean yet another change for KLJB's 9 p. Anthony Coloff owns the other 50 percent of the company. Anthony and Susan are husband and wife and James is their son.

The Coloffs also own several other radio stations in Iowa with different ownership structures. Milwaukee northWI: Waitt Media Holdings is selling its The full ownership structure is detailed here.

Federal regulators are considering a change to aircraft communications that could allow a new FM station to sign on in the Omaha market.

The station is seeking special temporary authority to remain silent until the changes are made. In case you missed it, ownership of two radio groups with holdings in the Upper Midwest is changing in deals announced this week: TV, which owns six stations in Iowa.

Terms were not disclosed for either sale but will likely become available in FCC filings once the federal government reopens. The latest effort to put a full-power station on the air on Concerns about interference to air navigation equipment.

In an application filed with the FCC shortly before the government shutdown, KIMI states that it was contacted by the Federal Aviation Administration about possible intermodulation interference to equipment at Offut after the 50kW ERP facility had already been constructed.

A picture of the tower submitted with the application appears at the right. Live Well Network carries first-run lifestyle programming and five hours of infomercials daily.

KTTW says on its website that it's seeking fair compensation to cover rising costs. KAF is currently licensed for a coverage area north of Burlington and has a construction permit to move farther north. Journal Broadcasting stations returned to Time Warner Cable Friday night after a retransmission consent dispute that lasted nearly two months.

WGBA also has new channel numbers. Iowa's largest AM signal is poised to get an FM rebroadcast: It's currently licensed as KAT on Nexstar will begin operating the stations immediately under a Time Brokerage Agreement. The company has no other stations in Iowa but does own or operate six stations in Illinois and will have operations in 51 markets once this and other transactions are completed.

Regulators failed to leave a buffer between TV channel 51 and new wireless frequencies. Though the stations are all licensed outside of the geographic boundaries of the Arbitron-defined Cedar Rapids market, a BIA Kelsey report submitted as part of the license transfer applications says their designated markets were changed to Cedar Rapids last year after the Waterloo market was dissolved.

Several larger Waterloo stations that have stronger signals to Cedar Rapids, owned by a different group, are not regarded as part of the Cedar Rapids market.Adam Daniel Mezei.

Kcde tv case

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Aug 02,  · Check out these new styles and more from vetconnexx.com! vetconnexx.com Subscribe & see more! vetconnexx.com Grant your look a dashing accent. In case you're looking for the coverage map for a specific channel, here is the master list of callsigns included with each metro package.

If you do a search for the callsign that you're interested in, you should be able to locate the metro file(s) you need to download.

Kcde tv case

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