Lieux de rencontres epinal

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Lieux de rencontres epinal

Her report is as follows. Wikimedians interested in GLAM projects from all over the world came to support Wikimedia Serbia and share their experiences in the event. The conference was aimed at Serbian cultural institutions, to encourage them to work with Wikimedia Serbia to open their content and participate in the Wikimedia projects.

There was obviously some heads of Serbian institutions in the hall, but also students. The conference was mainly in Serbian, but the presentations of the Wikimedian guests were predominantly in English.

The whole GLAM theme was covered: The conference continued with the presentation of the Gutenberg project and the Ratsko Project by its director, Zoran Stefanovic. Both projects, pioneers of book digitization Project Gutenberg was founded inthe project Ratsko inshow the importance of digitization for preservation and promotion of our historic and cultural heritage.

The last part of the conference focused on feedback from abroad. Noopur form India explained how works the coordination between wikimedians of a country so vast as India, and that events and local projects were the key to the success of the first projects of the indian chapter.

Cristina from Lettera27 presented the WikiAfrica project, wich aims to release cultural content by cultural institutions focusing on Africa, and to encourage the creation of encyclopedic content about Africa.

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The conference was well organized with a very friendly atmosphere. The small number of Wikimedians was welcomed with great hospitality by the Serbs and relationships were forged that will be surely successful between us.

On Saturday, we spent time together for a debriefing conference about the day before, to make a point on things that had worked and worked less.

Then we talked about the ways to initiate and monitor GLAM projects, sharing our experiences.

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Articles récents De nombreuses photos illustrent le reportage.

These two days, punctuated by parties and good understanding between all of us, will be obviously successful and Mile has quickly announced that he was contacted by institutions to discuss common projects! A special thank to Mile for the perfect organization, for Milos the best guide for a visit in Belgradeand to all the wonderful Serbian Wikimedians!

A French version of the article initially developed as part of the British Museum collaboration has been labeled "featured article" and is now linked to from the French language page of the British Museum: The projects to put the full Trutat and Ancely collections to Wikimedia Commons is on its rails and new uploads could be made soon.

The GLAM toolbox is on its way, and we have a better view of what tools exist and what needs to be created. We want to thank Daniel Mietchen for the deep tools analysis, in the tool-testing reports. Adrienne is currently discussing with them of a possible conference and workshops on "how to contribute to Wikimedia projects".

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Lieux de rencontres epinal

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