The theory of endosymbiosis and the arguments for and against this theory

By Russell Durbin Posted August 10, Veteran politician turned science expert Bruce Chapmanfounder and president of the Discovery Institute strategic command center of the "intelligent design" creationism movementhas written an essay that showcases the propaganda techniques of the IDC movement. Herewith a line by line analysis. First they said that only ignorant rubes doubted Darwin.

The theory of endosymbiosis and the arguments for and against this theory

Says you … and a few other long discredited polemicists. And there, the theory simply will not go, no matter how much you huff and puff and try to force it to. But the divorce to follow was a messy one and it was evolution that got the kids, while materialism was thrown out to fend for herself.

Would you willing to do a survey among evolutionary biologists? Your understanding or misunderstanding causes you to portray evolution as opposed to the sovereignty of God.

Evolution is not opposed to the sovereignty of God. It is opposed to the interference of God in the process of evolution. I am open to a process of change guided by God. Like I have said before, i wouldnt call it evolution unless science restated the theory as a possibly guided process.

I would call my belief creationism, or intelligent design.

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I have repeated this again and again. All of their ideas involve unguided scientifically speaking natural processes producing change over time in biological species. Actually if you read Shapiro, he is categorical that science does not go there yet… In fact its one of the most trenchant criticisms against his idea.

And i admire that. It is based on common descent. Depends on what exactly you mean by common descent. Theobold defined it as below - "the theory of UCA posits that all extant terrestrial organisms share a common genetic heritage, each being the genealogical descendant of a single species from the distant past https: For example- endosymbiosis - New traits such as photoysnthesis in plants are hypothesised to have been acquired from cyanobacteria by plants.

If speciation happens by these processess, its not a new species arising from an existing one through inherited modifications. Its new species emerging through the combination of two or more existing species.

If we drew such a relationship on a graph, we would get a network as opposed to a heirachy. We know this happens in the history of life.

The theory of endosymbiosis and the arguments for and against this theory

Eukaryotes are understood to have emerged from the hybridisation of eubacteria and archaebacteria. HGTs in prokaryotes also point to speciation events being caused by the interaction and merging of genetic materials of 2 or more species. Again, this is not common descent.

The network you pointed to had common ancestors for all genes. It just so happens that different genes had different common ancestors which is what produces the network.Cell Theory is one of the basic principles of for the formulation of this theory is given to German scientists Theodor Schwann, Matthias Schleiden, and Rudolph Virchow.

You asked for evidence for the endosymbiosis theory. Now, you’re complaining that I didn’t do something else! What you meant to say was “thanks for going to the trouble of going to the internet and providing a comprehensive summary of the evidence for endosymbiosis, Al.

All arguments against evolution arise from faith-based contempt for nonfaithful, nonreligious science-explanation. All of them are completely invalid. Evolution remains a perfect fully-supported theory, which explains the origins and diversifications of 'Darwin's forms most beautiful', the beauty of life.

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The endosymbiosis hypothesis is based on the fact that the mitochondria of animal cells and the chloroplasts of plant cells contain their own DNA, separate from the DNA in the nucleus of the parent cell.

Or they will get aggitated and argue irrationaly against the facts. It’s fascinating when you are tuned to watch for it. I have an open channel to Varki if you have found any flaws or improvements to the theory you want him to consider. I agree with Michael Buratovich concerning the validity of the serial endosymbiosis theory, and that neo-Darwinian mechanics alone do not explain the grand history of universal phylogeny (PSCF 57, no.

ScienceWeek: "Schimper in (2) suggested that chloroplasts were derived from symbiotic microorganisms, and Mereschkowsky in argued more extensively for the development of different types of chloroplasts from different types of cyanobacteria (3,4). Much later, the role of bacteria in symbiogenesis was championed by Margulis (5). Mar 19,  · well there is no definite proof for evolution but one main reason for the support of the theory of evolution is that many organisms like humans and plants have semi-autonomous organelles inside of all our cells that are required for us to live One of these organelles is Resolved. Social Learning Theory also includes other aspects of behavior. Bandura believed we could control our own behavior through self regulation. Self regulation requires a person to self-observe, make judgments about our environment and ourselves, and self-response, which is a personal reward/punishment system based off our behavior or performance.

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